Birthday Cakes

The birthday cake has come to be a symbol of the celebration of a birthday. This is for another new year in the person's life, and the appearance of a cake became just as important as its taste .cake gallery birthday cakes in abudhabi are providing the delicious and attactive birth day cake upon choice.

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Minion Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is in the shape of minion covered with sugar paste. ..
Book Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is in the shape of a book with an academic symbol and a photo is on the top and the cake is ..
Owl Cake in Abu Dhabi
It is Owl shaped cake  which is covered with sugar paste. ..
Love Heart Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is in heart shape covered with sugar paste and at the top it is decorated with little hearts..
Rose academic Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is round in shape covered with sugar pasteit is decorated with sugary roses and academic sym..
Camel Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is a round shaped cake covered with sugarpaste  and a lady with a camel is present at t..
Play Station Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is a rectangular shape , it is covered with sugar paste . ..
White Academic Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is a round shape covered with sugarpaste and academic simbol is present at the top. ..
1st Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is a number 1 shaped cake covered with sugar paste. ..
Blue Berry Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is one layered creamy cake with bluwe berry. ..
4 And The Train Cake in Abu Dhabi
cake is letter shaped creamy cake with a beautiful train on the top. ..
Pink Academic Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is one layered Pink coloured creamy cake with the academic cap at the top. ..
Tom & Jerry Cake in Abu Dhabi
 one lyered creamy cake in which creamy tom and jerry on the top. ..
Chocolate Cake in Abu Dhabi
Chocolate Cake is a round shaped chocolate creamy cake with some toppings . ..
Caramel Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Caramel Cake is a round shaped creamy cake filled with caramel at the top, and and chocolate ball..
Makeup Kit Cake in Abu Dhabi
Makeup Kit Cake is a one layered creamy cake withmany makeup tools in different colours. ..
Blue Ocean Cake in Abu Dhabi
Blue Ocean Cake is a blue coloured  ocean feel cake and surface is sarrounded by the green c..
Lady Cake Shoe in Abu Dhabi
Cake in the square shape with  ladies shoe in it. and itr is made up of sugarpaste. &nbs..
Minnie Mouse Cake in Abu Dhabi
minnie mouse toy on the top of the round shaped cake ..
Engineering Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cake is round in sha[pe with an engineering construction map. ..
Rainbow Doll Cake  in Abu Dhabi
A Round shape cake fresh cream and bottom covered with pomegranate ..
Airplane Cake in Abu Dhabi
Airplane Cake is a two layered creamy cake the base layer is round and the top layer is in the sh..
Red Bag Cake in Abu Dhabi
Red Bag Cake is a designed cake and it contain makeup sets with a big red colour creamy bag . ..
Ferrari Cars in Abu Dhabi
Ferrari Cars is a 2 layered creamy cake with a car on the top for ferrari. ..
Rasal cake in Abu Dhabi
rasal cake is a photocake with different photo on one cake . minimum  2kg ..
Yellow Cake in Abu Dhabi
Yellow Cake is a yellow coloured square shaped cake with simple decorations ..
Princes Cake in Abu Dhabi
Princes Cake is a 2 layered blue creamy cake , princes is standing on each layer. ..
Hot Wheels Cake in Abu Dhabi
Hot Wheels Cake ia a round shaped creamy cake for hot wheels. ..
Bus Cake in Abu Dhabi
Bus  cake is a yellow coloured bus shaped creamy cake. ..
Blue Dolphin Cake in Abu Dhabi
Blue Dolphin Cake is a round shaped creamy cake like water and a dophin is on the top. ..
Pink Doctor Cake in Abu Dhabi
Doctor Cake is apink colour creamy cake in the shape of a doctor's coat and acreamy stethoscope. ..
Green Mountain  Cake in Abu Dhabi
Green Mountain  Cake is a three layered creamy cake with red creamy flowers at the top ..
Dancing Girl Cake in Abu Dhabi
Dancing Girl Cake  is  a pink creamy cake like a girl dancing. ..
Rose Gift Box Cake in Abu Dhabi
Rose Gift Box Cake is a  gift box shaped cake in which roses are found below the ribbon. ..
Lion and man cake in Abu Dhabi
Lion and man cake is a2 layered creamy cake .At the top there is a flag and a creamy Lion and a m..
Cat Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cat Cake is a cat shaped creamy cake in which white creamy puff is spread beautifully on the top ..
House cake in Abu Dhabi
House cake is a house shaped creamy cake and the roof of the house is decorated with strawberry.&..
Football Cake in Abu Dhabi
Football Cake is a white and black creamy football shaped cake . ..
Boat Cake in Abu Dhabi
Boat Cake isa boat shaped attractive cake .the boat is in the creamy ocean. ..
Colorfull cake in Abu Dhabi
Colorfull cake is a square shaped cake in which 3 creamy toy sitting and some colourfull lollipop..
1/2 Kiwi Cake in Abu Dhabi
1/2 Kiwi Cake is a1/2 part of the kiwishaped creamy cake. ..
4 Spider Man Cake in Abu Dhabi
4 spider Man Cake is a number 4 Shaped spider creamy cake. ..
Flower Bouquet cake in Abu Dhabi
Flower Bouquet cake is a bouquet shaped creamy cake. ..
Pumpkin Cake in Abu Dhabi
Pumpkin Cake is a pumpkin shaped creamy cake. ..
Beerangi Cake in Abu Dhabi
Beerangi  Cake is a beerangi shaped  creamy cake. ..
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