Birthday Cakes

The birthday cake has come to be a symbol of the celebration of a birthday. This is for another new year in the person's life, and the appearance of a cake became just as important as its taste .cake gallery birthday cakes in abudhabi are providing the delicious and attactive birth day cake upon choice.

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Red Rose Cake in Abu Dhabi
Red Rose Cake is a round shaped white creamy cake with creamy red roses on top. ..
New Born Baby Cake in Abu Dhabi
New Born Baby Cake is a wonder full  creamy cake.a little one is coming to the world. ..
Cup Shaped Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cup Shaped Cake is a vanilla creamed cofee cup shaped cake. ..
Cars Cake in Abu Dhabi
Cars Cake is a 2 layered kids Cake  which is decorated beautifully ,and there are some cars ..
Baby Shower Cake in Abu Dhabi
Baby Shower Cake is a2 layered cake at the top a bird &a baby in the nest. ..
Lollipop cake in Abu Dhabi
Lollipop cake is a Round shaped yellow  coloured cake in which flowers and butterflys are sp..
White Rose Cake  in Abu Dhabi
White Rose Cake is a round shaped cake in which creamy roses and shoe on the cake. ..
5 Road Cake in Abu Dhabi
5 Road Cake is a number 5 shaped cake with road on it. ..
Bike Cake in Abu Dhabi
Bke Cake is round black cake with bike. ..
Garden Theme Cake in Abu Dhabi
Graden theme cake with bee hive ladybugs and butterflies. ..
Black & White forest cake in Abu Dhabi
Black & White forest cake is a mixxure of balck and white forest cakes ,it is partly black fo..
Black Forest Cake in Abu Dhabi
  Black forest cake is a gem among sweet recipes for kids. A German dessert with chocolate c..
White forest cake in Abu Dhabi
White forest cake is vanila flavour and white crame chocolate emboded at the  top. ..
choco-designed cake in Abu Dhabi
choco-designed cake is arectangular shaped cake in which have designed border with chocolate. ..
Ground-2 cake in Abu Dhabi
Ground-2 cake is a rectangular sraped cake with chocolate cream at the top  feels lke a grou..
Kiwi cake in Abu Dhabi
Kwi cake is a round shaped cake kiwi taste and the the pieces of kiwi fruit is on the cake. ..
Noos Noos cake in Abu Dhabi
Noose Noose cake is rectangular shaped cake .it is the combination of fruit cake and chocolate ca..
Spongebob Cake in Abu Dhabi
Round cake with Creamy Spongebob sitting on top. ..
Two Car cake in Abu Dhabi
Two car cake is a round shaped Blue creamy cake and at the top of the cake there is a road and tw..
Ben 10 cake in Abu Dhabi
It is an attractive green  Ben10 cake with 2layers ,the base layer is a big rectangular &nbs..
White round cake in Abu Dhabi
White round cake is a simple and attractive white creamy cake in pink colour creamy flowers are p..
Mushroom cake in Abu Dhabi
Mushroom cake is a three layered cake in which base layer and the middle layer is blue colour and..
Mnnie mouse cake in Abu Dhabi
It is a red coloured round shape minnie mouse cake .minnie mouse is present at the top of the cak..
Mixed Fruit Cake in Abu Dhabi
ixed fruit cake is a four layered cake in which each layer is decorated with fruits. ..
Sports Car cake in Abu Dhabi
It is a 2 layer cake in which base layer is rectangular shape and the 2nd layer is round shape an..
Heart Cake in Abu Dhabi
 Two creamy  red love join to form heart Cake.  ..
Black & White Cake  in Abu Dhabi
Black & White Cake is a three layered cake in which first and the third layer is of white cre..
Choco white cake in Abu Dhabi
Choco white cake contain both vanilla and chocolate taste. ..
Lion Cake in Abu Dhabi
Lion Cake is a two layered colourfull cake and lion is at the is a multi coloured cake. ..
Baby Cake in Abu Dhabi
Baby Cake is a colourfull two layered cake in which colourfull ribbon at the top.Each layer is sa..
White handbag cake in Abu Dhabi
White creamy handbag cake with gold trim and gold chain. ..
Suitcase Cake in Abu Dhabi
Brown creamy  suitcase luggage cake with Australia theme and a girl is sitting on the suitca..
Purple Curvy  Cake in Abu Dhabi
Curvy 3 layer wedding cake with purple letter topper. ..
5 Layered Tall CAke in Abu Dhabi
5 tier tall wedding cake with 3 gold tiers and 2 white tiers and  roses in between. ..
Three layered tree cake in Abu Dhabi
3 tier powder blue wedding cake with birds on trees and tick tac toe and toy bride and groom topp..
Road And The  Car Cake in Abu Dhabi
Road and the car cake is a square shaped cake in which Creamy Road and the cars are moving on the..
Three littletoy cake in Abu Dhabi
Three little cake is athree layered creamy cake in which each layer have toy pig ,and the eech la..
Toy Cabriel cake in Abu Dhabi
Toy cabriel Cake is a three  layered toy the top of the cake a brown creamy cap is p..
Whitish pink cake in Abu Dhabi
Whitish pink cake is a 2 layered cake in which both layer is white cream and in the bottom of the..
Two layered colourfull cake in Abu Dhabi
Two layered coloufull cake is a cake in which two layer is of two different colours ,ground layer..
Greenish Ground Cake in Abu Dhabi
Greenish Ground Cake is a green coloured creamy cake it feels like a ground and a man is playing ..
Ivory 4 tier round wedding cake in Abu Dhabi
 Ivory 4 tier wedding cake is a 4 layered round cake,in each layer it is sarrounded by many ..
Nerf canon yellow cake in Abu Dhabi
Nerf canon yellow cake is a creamy yellow colour cake . ..
Burger Cake in Abu Dhabi
Burger Cake is a round shaped cake in which creamy  burgers are present at the top.the cake ..
Zebra stripe Gift Box Cake in Abu Dhabi
It is a creamy gift box in which zebra sripes okf vanilla and chocolate cream is present. ..
Mountain road cake in Abu Dhabi
A creamy chocolate cake like a mountain and there is a road in the mountain and the cars are movi..
Minion  cake  in Abu Dhabi
a funny Minion  with different colour creams is sitting on a chair. ..
Sky Car cake in Abu Dhabi
Sky Car cake is a two layered creamy cake in which the two layers are found in different shape .A..
Colour Full 10th love  Cake in Abu Dhabi
Colour Full 10th love  Cake has two colour full layers and the ground layer is sarrouned by ..
Truck Man Cake in Abu Dhabi
 A cake with a creamy red  truck and a creamy man standing near to it ,the truck and th..
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